Immaculata/Nneomais exploring how Africans are making a living.

Hello, I am a researcher, writer, and visual artist (photograpy, film, collage).

My work asks: how can we improve social and economic living standards in both domestic and public spheres? I have written/photographed for international publications like Le Temps (Switzerland), The Guardian (UK), The Republic (NG) and African Arguments. My academic background is in history, literature and cultural theory and I have degrees from Queen Mary University of London and the University of Oxford. 

I am a research fellow with the Shared Heritage Africa project between DOCOMOMO International and Architectuul. Previously, I was an inaugural freelance journalism fellow at African Arguments (Royal African Society) and a 2022 West African writer-in-residence at the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora, Ghana. 

For consulting, speaking, writing and photography engagements and commissions, 
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