ImmaculataPhotographer, Researcher

1. Immaculata, Aba, 2000
2. Immaculata, over the years
3. Discorea bulbifera, Enugu, 2020

Hello, I am Immaculata:
a Nigerian photographer and researcher/writer. I am currently completing a masters in History at the University of Oxford where I am studying localised responses to the global political economy. My primary interests are in material culture, how people make their living, labour & class inequality, and the rights and welfare of children and young people. All my work is an effort to make beautiful/delightful objects, stories and solutions that meet people’s needs. 

As a photographer, I routinely make restful imagery that celebrates community and the natural environment. Besides that, since 2017, I have been working on two long-term documentary photography projects that explore Christianity in South-East Nigeria, and how international students in London find belonging. I run Studio Styles, an exploration of historical and contemporary material culture in Southern Nigeria. Its pilot project is currently documenting the built environment in Enugu.

More generally and most importantly, “I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.”

Recent writing:
For The Photographers’ Gallery, I reviewed Kacey Jeffers’ UNIFORM.
For The Photographer’s Network, I wrote about the manifestation of Nigeria’s economic history in the Sunrise Flour Mill Estate.
I wrote about the body keeping the score in this personal essay on Popula.