First, she’s the hunt. The sight of the sun caught in the eyes of her prize. She knows now where she must go to find salvation.

Then, she’s the joke, the laughter and the jester. The how dare you dream a dream so big we’ll need a whole new world to birth it. She’s the wild fire, swearing on the sunset that she will lick the wild down for her prize.

And yet: desire knows desire comes. And so, Desire will take her time, will wait till time is a heat-drenched pebble, so ripe its thirst stretches to the sun begging for respite. Desire will wait.

The laws of attraction say that if you desire, you will be desired.

Time tells and into her red-hot lair, the prize crashes. Desire is not surprised; she planned her whole life for this meeting with finally and fulfilment. Here is the whole breadth of a sigh: time throwing its hands up in release, the sun pouring its light through the crack of dawn. Salvation.

Desire never forgets: to come is to go.

August 2017 - Feb 2018
winner of Best Submission Prize in Tabula Rasa magazine (spring 2018)