Enugu is in The Hands of God

Practices: In the Hands of God, We Rendezvous (the church as site of community-making)

Institutions: The materiality of Enugu  Catholicism

Power and Governance in a God-state

Well, I mean, and here we are with Christianity. That says something. But, again, I don’t know… One of these days, I’ll ask my dad about how he felt abandoning his father’s traditional religious practices. I think he’ll probably say something like, it wasn’t hard because Jesus is the way, truth and life… I still remember the day they finally got my grandfather baptized. Sis, I guess tides turn every now and then...

From ‘In the Hands of God, We Rendezvous’, a short story by me in Saraba Magazine (Jan 2019).

How does religion shape a place?

Beginning in August 2017, this is a long-term project under Studio Styles through which I am exploring and documenting the contours and the substance of the culture of Christianity and wider religiosity in Enugu.

My focus so far has been on the material manifestations of the intangible aspects of Christianity in three ways:
  • institutions
  • practices 
  • everyday effects of religious ideology in politics and governance

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Work in progress since August 2017 (photography, audio-visuals, written interviews)