Immaculata Researcher
I am currently a research fellow with the Shared Heritage Africa project rediscovering modernist buildings of educational and socio-political significance from the period of independence from British colonial rule (the 1950s-1970s) in Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda. All my work is an effort to make rigorous research accessible and irresistible.

Research interests: making do in the margins, informal and vernacular cultures, economic (in-)equalities and wellbeing, domestic spaces and interiorities, material culture, visual anthropology.

Public Scholarship:
From their intimacy with the failures of leadership from native Nigerian rulers who were in collaboration with the colonial state, it is evident that the Abeokuta women did not necessarily believe that Nigeria’s independence would be a break from the past of colonial exploitation.
As Lagos pushes to become a 'world-class' city, gentrification increases with more low-income residents being displaced under the pretext of 'public interest'. This research summary explores how evicted victims are impacted and its implications on trade and the Lagos economy.

Public Workshops

Public Projects: 

  • Sept 2021 - March 2022         Which Way Nigeria - scenarios working group imagining/building social, political and economic road maps for Nigeria in 2060.
  • May 2021  - June 2021            #RESEARCHLIVES IGTV series - where I interviewed African student-researchers on their projects and wellbeing practices.

Academic Publications:
                        Access my paper directly through this link.

Conference Presentations:
  • Aug 2021                               ‘Politics of control and consumption of colonial commodities: guns and alcohol in Southern Nigeria (1890- 1960),’ paper presented at the Institute of Historical Research Graduate Conference
  • Jan 2019                               ‘Economic nationalism and masculinities in late colonial Nigeria,’ paper presented at Africa and World War II conference (sponsored by the British Academy), Queen Mary University of London

  • MSt Global and Imperial History- University of Oxford 
       (dissertation on the economic lives of Kumasi market women 1970- 1995)
  • BA History and Comparative Literature- Queen Mary, University of London
  • International Baccalaureate- UWC Atlantic College
  • WASSCE- Loyola Jesuit College