Immaculata Researcher
My research practice is interdisciplinary, qualitative and comparative. My aim is to make rigorous research accessible and irresistible. I believe everything teaches us about everything.

Research Interests:  
In line with my dedication to the question of the work, ideas and spaces with which Africans are making a living- 
  • The history, present, and future of work, entrepreneurship, organising in the informal economy
  • Intellectual thought from Africans on the global political economy
  • The built environment as material culture: I run Studio Styles, an exploration of historical and contemporary material culture in Southern Nigeria. Its pilot project is currently creating a visual research database of the built environment in Enugu.

  • Mst Global and Imperial History- University of Oxford (dissertation on the economic lives of Kumasi market women between 1970 and 1995)
  • BA History and Comparative Literature- Queen Mary, University of London
  • International Baccalaureate- UWC Atlantic College
  • Loyola Jesuit College

  • May - June 2021       #RESEARCHLIVES IG talk show
  • Aug 2021                   ‘Politics of control and consumption of colonial commodities: guns and alcohol in Southern Nigeria (1890- 1960),’ paper presented at the Institute of Historical Research Graduate Conference
  • Jan 2019                   ‘Economic nationalism and masculinities in late colonial Nigeria,’ paper presented at the British Academy-sponsored conference Africa and World War II