Studio Styles is an artist-run project space fostering deeper connections to ourselves, our communities, our histories and our environment.

We do this by producing editorial, research, and public education projects, connecting African meaning-making workers and institutions, and curating sensorially hospitable spaces for communing.

The studio is named after the photographer Stylesin Athol Fugard, John Kani and Winston Ntshona's Sizwe Bansi is Deadwho used his studio to enact and memorialise the dreams and aspirations of his Black community under apartheid South Africa.

from the ‘Fear of God’/Does Your God Sleep? research event
photos by @goodie_cyrus

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Since 2020, Studio Styles has been supported in different capacities by Effiom Nyeh, Gradar Futures, Abuja Literary Festival and For Creative Girls (Hallie Haller).


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