Immaculata Writer/Journalist

Full writing portfolio here (linked).

1. Nigerian artist’s work in St. Paul’s does not challenge British History, for African Arguments
The idea that situating the portrait of a ruler next to the memorial of his conqueror–in a bastion of the conqueror’s empire–gives the portrait teeth to bite the conqueror’s history is a dangerous illusion.

2. What Does Africapitalism Really Mean?, for The Republic Journal
As with all forms of capitalism, questions of inequality remain. A central problem of capitalism is how it concentrates wealth, and thus power, under the guise of a ‘free’ market. The question here is: What is at stake when any one of these identity groups is prioritized above the other, as with women in #GirlBoss capitalism or the African identity in Africapitalism?

Listen to me talk more about this here on the Nigerian Scam podcast.

3. Dispossess: Evictions for Development?, for Heinrich Böll Stiftung.
As Lagos pushes to become a 'world-class' city, gentrification increases with more low-income residents being displaced under the pretext of 'public interest'. This research summary explores how evicted victims are impacted and its implications on trade and the Lagos economy.

In Print:
Ekpere Ji Ji: Traces of Delight in 1990s South-East Nigerian Architecture, for GIDA Journal 2022 (profiled in VOGUE here)

hFactor: Lagos Queerland, for TSA Collector’s Series 2022

Finding Belonging in London, for In Real Life (The Photographer’s Gallery publication) 2022

Creative Writing:
2022                        Why Had They Never Left (fiction/fable), Michigan Quarterly Review -mixtape
2019                        Sasha Fierce asks ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ (poem), Lunch Ticket
2018                        Me, My Body and I (memoir), Popula 

Writing workshops/fellowships:
2022                        Writer-in-Residence at Library of Africa and the African Diaspora, Ghana.
2021                        African Arguments Pilot Fellowship (one in six, out of 500 applicants)
2021                        Tampered Press Workshop with Lesley Nneka Arimah and Mamle Kabu
2020                        SBMEN Creative Writing Workshop
2018                        Arvon Foundation writers retreat with Malika Booker and Polar Bear
2017                        Apples and Snakes Writing Room with Roger Robinson
2017                        Writivism Emerging Writers program
2016                        Youth Editorial Program at the Royal African Society’s Africa Writes